Winning today
The new updated Principles

Time to adopt new beliefs and embrace Social and Environmental Responsibility (ESG) as a Financial opportunity. This is our invitation to step up and join us in turning the new winning beliefs into action!

Winning beliefs

Financial Force For Good
is the new vision

Business is no longer about a statement of financials, but also about its impact on environment and society. It’s not about doing what we want, but about doing what’s right.

All companies want to do well. Most of them want to do right. It’s time to learn to do both so that they become a Financial-Force-For-Good and we can all do better.

is our business model.

As capitalists, we believe that it is time to embrace the triple bottom-line dimensions and turning companies into Financial-Forces-For-Good equally (Financial, Social, Environmental) by adapting aspects such as that neurodiversity, remote-working, local supply-chain design, local staffing, and lower carbon footprint.

The key is to reconfigure our thinking so we can create the internal conditions to leverage all the new dimensions able to deliver greater Growth – which is crucial for a Sustainable Capitalism.

New Change Management
type is required.

No new thinking can be expected to thrive without appropriate reconfiguration. For us, Growth-for-Good is not an after-thought or a buzzword, this is a new winning Strategic intent that impacts the entire organization.

While all Change is a disruption, it is one that is empowering and fulfilling for employees and stakeholders. There is pride in stepping up and leading the way. We are happy Change Cheerleaders.

As always, Change emanates from the top and new Change Management systems need to be put in place to enable proper decision-making.

Concretely: New metrics are needed to track new pieces of information. Dedicated experts need to be directed to collaborate (Procurement, HR, Diversity). New systems need to be conceived so they ‘talk’ to each other and data is aggregated with purpose. A new chain of command has to be created to empower Executives to make the most informed and effective business decisions.

We fill in those gaps and allow the information to flow in the most effective way as our Domain and IT experts are Financial Services specialists and used to collaborate.

The shift is inevitable.
We can help you catch up.

We can lead you through your own transformation as we have navigated the hurdles ourselves being a certified MBE, DOBE and B Corp as we have experienced the challenges firsthand.

We are humbled to be an active player in this transformation and accelerate the adoption of the new model as the new most effective standard.

ESG opportunities

DE&I Certification

We thrive on the idea of building personal and professional bonds between employees, team members and peers that cross cultural, ethical and generational boundaries.

You know exactly what you’re getting when you invest your time with us as an employee: a business that encourages employees to grow socially, environmentally, and how it interacts with the public.

Diversity in Supply Chain

When you hire us, or any DE&I business, you are participating in creating Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Justice in your workforce, in ours, and in Society.


of people, perspectives


in policy, practice & positions


via power, voice & organizational culture


with equal rights & equitable opportunities

ESG At Soho

With a B Impact Score of 93.6.
Soho stands among the highest rated companies by B Corp. based on our social and environmental performance.

Soho is certified for our consistent efforts towards Social Responsibility. We have committed to reducing our emissions to achieve net-zero climate impact by 2030.

Soho has been a contributor to CDP for the Carbon Disclosure Project since 2019; achieved a rating in the 2020 CDP Climate Disclosure, placing us in the top 5% of companies rated by CDP in our category.

With Wren, Soho can offset their carbon footprint by supporting sustainable agriculture and reforestation projects as they Fund carbon removal, offsets, climate policy, and conservation.

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