Front-End Engineer

As a Front-End Engineer, your focus will be on the software solutions you build will power organizational change, improve business performance and efficiency, and develop client tech capabilities.

Key Skills:

  • JavaScript:JavaScript is a programming language that allows front end engineers to create interactive elements on a website. It’s important for front end engineers to have a strong understanding of JavaScript to build complex web applications.
  • HTML and CSS:HTML and CSS are the two primary languages of front-end development. HTML is the language that creates the structure of a website, while CSS is the language that allows for the customization of a website’s design. Having a strong understanding of HTML and CSS is essential for a front-end engineer.
  • Responsive design:Front-end engineers work with web designers to create the user interface of a website or app. They need to be able to respond quickly to design requests from the web designer. This includes being able to create a design that meets the web designer’s needs and being able to implement the design quickly.
  • Back-end programming languages:Front-end engineers often work with back-end engineers, who use different programming languages than front-end engineers. It’s important for front-end engineers to know the back-end programming languages their team uses so they can communicate with back-end engineers effectively.
  • Communication skills:Front end engineers communicate with many different people throughout the workday. They need to be able to clearly explain technical concepts to other engineers, explain design ideas to designers and explain coding issues to other developers. Effective communication skills can help a front end engineer be more efficient and effective in their work.


Key Responsibilities:

  • Solving problems with existing code, investigating bugs, and fixing issues by collaborating with other engineers
  • Working with designers to create mockups of new features or redesign existing features based on user feedback
  • Identifying and implementing best practices for web development including HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript libraries such as jQuery or React
  • Creating wireframes or mockups of new features to be approved by clients before beginning development work
  • Communicate with clients about their needs and preferences in order to create high-quality designs that meet their expectations
  • Providing technical support for other members of the development team, including answering questions about coding best practices or explaining unfamiliar concepts
  • Developing prototypes of new features to be reviewed by other members of the development team
  • Coordinating with other members of the team to manage project scope, timeframes, and budgets
  • Writing code in one or more programming languages to create applications that run on computers.

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