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How our financial services experts help identify revenue streams
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Our focus

Capital Markets &
Finance Regulatory

Soho our SME and technology professionals work together to create solutions to proactively address upcoming regulatory needs. We have been involved in resolving numerous MRA and MRIA and have experience working with regulatory bodies like Fed, SEC, FINRA, OCC, DFS


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Enterprise Risk

We provide expert knowledge and insight into all aspects of analyzing model Enterprise-wide risk. Clients can depend on soho to design, optimize, and manage mission-critical Risk IT projects through staff augmentation and field-tested IT strategy.


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Information Security

Soho consultants are experts in the field of information security and they validate each finding using proprietary tools and provide industry-best countermeasures which complement overall business requirements and bottom-line objectives.


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Winning tools


EuclidSol’s interactive, web-based dashboards ensure every client is able to grasp information in the most meaningful way with advanced capabilities to filter and drill down into information along with a variety of interactive data visualization tools.


The Financial Enterprise Data Repository (FEDR) project’s mission is to create a single centralized transaction repository. FEDR provides a common data model for all data of interest regardless of the data source, eliminating the need for maintaining data across multiple systems.


The soho Macro Portal is a unified enterprise-wide platform that provides vendor employees and partners a collaborative workspace designed for portfolio management. The Macro Portal is equipped with a suite of job functions, productivity tools, and information and knowledge management activities with a corporate financial model.

Business Resiliency - BR On Demand

Business Resiliency (BR) is the vital ability of an organization to quickly adapt to disruptions while maintaining continuous business operations and safeguarding people, assets and overall brand equity. BR goes a step beyond disaster recovery by offering post-disaster strategies to avoid costly downtime, shore up vulnerabilities and maintain business operations in the face of additional, unexpected breaches. Soho is an expert in BR and provides clients with the flexibility of BR On Demand.

Soho success toolkit


We facilitate large-scale transformations by integrating strategic thinking into the digitization process and working with clients across the entire IT transformation lifecycle.


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Trending Technologies

Our technological expertise has changed the face of the financial industry by enabling clients to save on human capital by implementing cutting edge technologies like blockchain, robotics and artificial intelligence.


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