Unique Hybrid
Consulting - Staffing

Access to consulting methodologies, strong domain expertise
and flexible resourcing capabilities under one brand.

SOW Consulting Solutions

Soho brings over ten years of experience providing services and solutions in Project Delivery Management, Technology Delivery and Solutions, and Performance Management and Improvement. We partner with clients to deliver consulting solutions like SOW within Technology, Process, and Change initiatives. We continually evolve based on the demands of our clients, building on high-level understanding of each project as the foundation for our work.

Some of the services we offer:

  • Business Analysis Practise Area
  • IT Development & Delivery
  • Program & Project Management
  • Cloud Engineering & Cloud Operations
  • Architecture Practice Area
  • InfoSec, Cyber Risk, Governance

Contingent Workforce Staffing

Soho aligns with the client’s preferred delivery model, especially with experience working with industry leading MSPs. We pride ourselves in our ability to build strong relationships with our MSP program managers and continuously provide them with market data to help guide them and their clients through industry trends and the competitive landscape.

Soho is often approached by clients, colleagues, and partners to take the next step in their career evolution. We have successfully balanced the various interests of each party, brokered introductions, and cultivated placements for those that would not likely have otherwise made a connection.high-quality passive and active candidates to our clients. Soho’s continued success is grounded in the quality of service we maintain.

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Executive Search

Soho is brought in especially with a focus in diversity. We provide ourselves in securing exceptional executives and skillfully overcoming the challenges and time constraints of each search, we consistently raise the bar of the industry service standards.

Direct Placement

We begin our search process by developing a thorough understanding of your organization, business culture, and hiring managers’ intangible candidate requirements.

Diversity Recruiting

We work closely with the business team to understand the landscape and gaps and actively work with the team to remediate specific diversity needs. Our diversity recruiting goes beyond Gender and Race but also focus on Invisible diversity Disability, Neurodiversity etc.

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Managed Services

Soho’s industry-leading project management teams help clients walk through every phase of the process as guided by our rigorous methodology for strategic planning and execution.

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