08 December,2022

Sustainable Capitalism

As we approach towards a predictable and stable economy after the pandemic, it is time to rebuild a culture that delivers results while accommodating the new world order defined by the crisis. While growth has been our most consistent variable, we want to do it right. As always, our culture will be built over a foundation of Environmental Sustainability and Inclusion.

Our confidence rises as our leadership set the stage to demonstrate a work culture that not only strives to grow, but also considers the challenges faced by certain communities and ensures equal opportunities to all. We pledge to hold hands and carry the world with us as we walk the path to success.

Soho is a Diverse and Inclusive organization and we are proud to report a majority of female employees, 51% men of color and an innovative hiring process setup to avoid discrimination of any kind.

We practice a continuous improvement approach to understanding and taking appropriate responsibility for any adverse environmental, social, and economic impacts of its purchasing. In doing so, Soho considers impacts on a life-cycle basis and prioritize actions according to and in alignment with the Soho Square Solutions values, magnitude of impact, and compliance with any applicable regulations.

We, at Soho, realize that preserving our natural environment is as important as our growth. Our Net-Zero initiatives are at its peak and we aim for more. The key is to reconfigure out thinking so we can create the internal conditions to leverage all the dimensions to deliver greater good, which is crucial for sustainable capitalism. We have recorded 65% of total energy from renewable sources and will exceed 75% by 2025. We have also committed to reducing our emissions to achieve net-zero climate impact by 2030.

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