08 December,2022

To new beginnings…

We have always been excited about challenges and the process to overcome them. As a team, it has always been possible to overcome all obstacles with Trust, Integrity and Innovation. The past couple of years have been a bumpy ride as the world was facing a common enemy. When we look back, we come to realize the enormous change in operations, not just to Soho, but to the entire industry.

As we approach the end of another calendar, it’s time to set newer, bigger and ambitious goals and focus on making a development as we have done year after year. The primary focus for the upcoming year will be to:

  • Embrace Technology for Growth
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Redefine Employee Experience
  • Take some risks along the way

Our Technology and Sustainability achievements already exceed all market expectations but we prefer updating ourselves as the industry moves forward. This attitude ensures that we are always a step ahead of our expectations. We have always been known for our Industry Leading Services and our Diverse & Inclusive Culture. These results are made possible by our approach to embrace changes as they come.
Equipped with a motivated team, encouraging leaders and positive intentions, we are ready to step off the launchpad and conquer.

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